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DVB S, FTA, Satellite, ASTRA, hotbird - PiXieSAT


13e hotbird
parabola satellite dish antenna
yamal 202
c band lnb installation
c band lnb

For C band test I use 130 cm parabola satellite dish antenna and DMX741U c band lnb (Signal testing in East Europe)
Tested 11W Express AM44 and 49E Yamal 202

Is possible reception with small parabolic satellite dish antenna C band? Yes it is possible reception normal signal, but better is use 150 - 180 cm or bigger parabolic satellite dish antenna to get stabil signal level on C band.
RSCC - 3662 R 10808-1/2 dvb-s / Beam - Global (signal with openbox x-800 - 1.4 db)
Perviy kanal (720x576 mpeg2)
RTR Planeta (720x576 mpeg2)
Perviy kanal
c band rtr planeta
4013 R 10050-3/4 dvb-s2 / Beam - WideC (signal with openbox s6 - 88% to 92%)
Perviy kanal (720x576 mpeg4)
Rossiya 1 (720x576 mpeg4)
Rossiya 2 (720x576 mpeg4)
Perviy kanal
Rossiya 1
Rossiya 2
Rossiya K (720x576 mpeg4)
Rossiya 24 (720x576 mpeg4)
NTV (720x576 mpeg4)
Rossiya K
Rossiya 24
5 Kanal (720x576 mpeg4)
TV Centr (720x576 mpeg4)
OTR (720x576 mpeg4)
5 Kanal
TV Centr
Karusel (720x576 mpeg4)
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